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 What is this GlMUD thing? 
 Dave Driesen
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What is this GlMUD thing?

Posted on: 2011-03-11 09:18:19 
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GlMUD is an OpenGL MUD client which we are developing as a testing bed and sandbox application for our 3D Framework. A MUD is an online multiplayer game which typically runs in text mode and is accessible through a regular terminal client.

GlMUD is tailored to run on the Discworld MUD ( but supports all the necessary features to run other MUDs as well.

Why run a terminal client in an opengl environment?
Well, basically for mapping purposes and moving around. GlMUD does not try to be fancy and visualise mobs for you in the game or anything (this is where many applications go wrong) but it does give you a 3D environment in which to create your MUD maps. Rooms can be created in the form of "nodes" which can then be connected to one another through named vectors which typically match the exits of the room in question. Hence, if you are on a road which has a west and east exit, you can create vectors for these exits which lead to the appropriate rooms in the game. Then when you move your character west, the client will follow the named vector to the new node.

What's the point?
Having a good overview of the game and the area of the game you are in. The 3D visualisation of the in-game world, be it rather abstract and Matrix-ish, creates a very authentic feel and greatly helps your co÷rdination. Also, GlMUD implements advanced artificial intelligence which is capable of doing things such as calculate a path between 2 points in the game world and move you to a desired location. Given the strong scriptability of the client, theoretically it is possible to turn your player into a mob wich roams the game world and interacts with the environment and with other players. It is, however, extremely important to note that applying such mechanisms in practice is usually an extreme infringement of game rules and not to be advised. I do not know of a single MUD where such would not be grounds for immediate banishment.

I still don't see the point
It's a testing bed, we don't need more point than that. And hell, it beats zmud and pueblo and mushclient and all that stuff so that's good enough for me.

Other strong features of GlMUD are:
  • MCCP which takes care of data compression to alleviate bandwidth
  • advanced support for MXP to allow for mouse interaction with the MUD
  • sound and color triggers, but also custom triggers to flash your screen for example
  • configurable logging with multiple levels
  • runs in server mode so you can connect to the client using your mud/terminal client (sort of like a proxy)
  • highly intelligent anti-idle algorithms. (1)
  • clickable hyperlinks which open up your web browser
  • copy/paste text to and from the client
  • runs on Windows as well as linux. that's right read it and weep, and no we don't need Wine for that. We have native executables/binaries for all kinds of platforms.
  • closed source to make sure no nabtard tries to carbon copy the code

(1): Also considered an infringement on many MUDs. We advise you to always adhere to the rules. No matter how smart you think you are, or how smart your client is, there's always someone/something cleverer than yourself.

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